Nano Environmental Technologies

With the global growth in production and processing, the amount of production wastes and end-of-life products is constantly rising. Research studies highlight that by 2025 the solid wastes will reach over 2 billion tones per year; this creates a high demand for new technologies and processes for effective recycling and reuse. Nanotechnology can impact the recycling industry in three major categories: the recycling of nanomaterials, the recycling of solid wastes by nanoprocessing, and the improvement of existing processes in order to reduce the amount of wastes generated. The market is witnessing many small- and medium entities dealing with one specific product or nanoprocess for waste management.

  • Nanotechnology for the Recycling of Industrial Waste Water
  • Nanotechnology-based Process for End-of-Life Tire Recycling
  • Nanostructured Filter and Flat Filament for Infrared Light Recycling
  • Nanotechnology: The Future of Water Recycling?
  • Nanotechnology, Nanowaste and Their Effects on Ecosystems
  • Treatment and Remediation
  • Bio-inspired nanomaterial’s and their applications
  • Nanotechnology for sustainable energy production

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