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4th World Congress and Expo on Recycling, will be organized around the theme “Recycle today for a better tomorrow”

Recycling Expo-2017 is comprised of 20 tracks and 77 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Recycling Expo-2017.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1Innovative strategies for waste separation, recycling and recovery
  • Track 1-2Recovery and Recycling
  • Track 1-3Methods of Waste Disposal
  • Track 1-4Resource recovery from waste
  • Track 1-5Mechanical and biological waste treatment
  • Track 1-6Mechanical sorting of wastes
  • Track 2-1Environmental Impact of Electronic Waste
  • Track 2-2Global trade issues of e waste
  • Track 2-3Electronics waste types: Hazardous & Non Hazardous
  • Track 2-4E waste Processing techniques
  • Track 2-5Mobile recycling
  • Track 2-6Computers recycling
  • Track 2-7Battery Recycling
  • Track 2-8TV recycling
  • Track 3-1Sustainable waste utilization & recycling methods
  • Track 3-2Municipal solid waste recycling
  • Track 3-3Energy production technology from solid waste
  • Track 3-4Waste handling, storage, separation and processing
  • Track 3-5Solid waste treatment techniques
  • Track 4-1Impact of waste water on environment
  • Track 4-2Regulations and guidelines of water reuse
  • Track 4-3Disposal of waste water
  • Track 4-4Collection, storage, transport and processing of industrial waste water recycling
  • Track 4-5Testing standards of waste water
  • Track 5-1Applications of recycled paper
  • Track 5-2Environmental aspects
  • Track 5-3Paper recycling techniques
  • Track 5-4Effects of recycling on pulp quality
  • Track 6-1Benefits of industrial materials recycling
  • Track 6-2Industrial waste collection and processing
  • Track 6-3Energy generation from industrial waste
  • Track 6-4Industrial chemical and solid waste recycling
  • Track 6-5Pharma waste recycling
  • Track 7-1Waste disposal methods
  • Track 7-2Recovery of Waste Organic Solvents
  • Track 7-3Chemical Hazardous waste
  • Track 7-4Recovery of fine Chemicals
  • Track 8-1Food waste reduction
  • Track 8-2Food waste collection
  • Track 8-3Food waste recovery
  • Track 8-4Food waste recycling techniques
  • Track 8-5Energy generation from food waste products
  • Track 9-1Benefits of Agriculture waste recycling
  • Track 9-2Organic Waste in Agriculture
  • Track 9-3Agri waste Processing techniques
  • Track 9-4Environmental Protection by agriculture waste recycling
  • Track 10-1Vulcanisation
  • Track 10-2Recovery of rubber
  • Track 10-3Rubber products
  • Track 10-4Synthetic Rubber
  • Track 10-5Recycling of waste rubber
  • Track 11-1Aluminium Recycling
  • Track 11-2Recycling of waste polymer
  • Track 11-3Recycling steel products
  • Track 11-4Ferrous metal recycling
  • Track 11-5scrap metal recycling
  • Track 11-6Utilization of recyclable metals
  • Track 12-1Urban Mining
  • Track 12-2Industrial ecology
  • Track 12-3Material flow
  • Track 12-4Blue Economy
  • Track 13-1Recycling Europe
  • Track 13-2Recycling Middle East
  • Track 13-3Recycling Asia
  • Track 14-1Alternate Waste Heat Sources
  • Track 14-2Hazardous waste treatment and disposal
  • Track 14-3Waste Heat Recovery Equipment
  • Track 14-4Waste Heat recovery
  • Track 14-5Exhaust heat recovery

4th World Congress and Expo on Recycling
July 27-29, Rome, Italy 


Dear All,

Happy World Environment Day!

On the Occasion of World Environment Day,  Recycling Expo 2017 Organizing committee is  introduced a
Special session: Save Earth in order to create awareness on future challenges that are going to face by our Earth.
Our organizing Committee has decided to celebrate "World Environmental Week"  from June 05- 12, 2017

On this special occassion, We would like to invite you to attend as a delegate/plenary speaker
to this special session at “4th World Congress and Expo on Recycling” which will be held during July 27-29, 2017 Rome, Italy.

Speakers are invited to learn and share knowledge on current research and applications on this special session save Earth.

Theme of this special session is “Save Earth for future”.

To avail this opportunity please Submit Abstract

Our organizing committee will provide special discount on registration for submitted abstracts before June 27, 2017
for this special session i.e Save Earth. Register with 499USD only.

The conference also provides delegate’s opportunity to attend this session.

Note*: On special consideration have extended the deadline for abstarct submision to July 5, 2017.
           Avail the opportunity     


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Your early response upon confirmation would be greatly appreciated.

Save Earth for future
Thanks & Regards,
David Culver
Program Manager | Recycling Expo 2017
Direct: (702) 508-5200 Ext: 8112
Customer Service: +1 (800) 216 6499

[email protected]


  • Track 16-1Recycling Benefits
  • Track 16-2Technological advancements in Recycling
  • Track 16-3Waste prevention and recycling
  • Track 16-4Recycling equipments
  • Track 16-5Recycling Cost benefit analysis
  • Track 16-6Refining of recycled fibres
  • Track 17-1Concrete recycling
  • Track 17-2Demolition waste